We have a warranty policy on all products, within 2 to 3 years warranty depending on the product.
Our recommendation is to refer to our Technical Assistance Officer. On our website, www.lusoqueima.com offers all company contacts, this ensures all the necessary means to resolve the problem through the own intervention or the area of ​​installation partners.
It covers all those defects considered manufacturing or operation, being necessary to the maintenance specified by the manufacturer
Yes, because there are parts of your boiler to be controlled and regulated periodically to ensure their safety and extended life of your boiler.
For your safety, energy savings and lower risk of running out of service temporarily. The annual periodic maintenance should be performed by qualified professionals.
Thermostats environments allow to regulate the ambient temperature of the room, to give greater comfort to users. Furthermore, if it is a timer-thermostat will maintain the housing at different temperatures throughout the day. All boilers admit the connection of a room thermostat or timer-thermostat.
There is another system of regulation in heating systems, which are climate regulators. This type regulator holds the temperature of the housing, similarly to room thermostats, but will do so by modifying the temperature of the radiators depending on the outside temperature. The boiler adapts to external conditions and does not increase over its temperature than is strictly necessary for the radiators maintain the desired comfort temperature. This gives us the same comfort but with a significant reduction in the energy bill. All LusoQueima boilers admit this type of more efficient regulation
The calculation can not be made on this basis because the boiler does not have to have much more power than the one you have installed on your radiators. (In the case of an installation already made).

Otherwise the calculation should be done prior to installation of radiators thus be calculated all the factors that influence a uniform and constant heating. There is no point to a major power boiler that generates a lot of energy if you do not have sufficient housing radiators to dissipate it.
The type of boiler to be installed will depend on the location of your boiler and the characteristics of your installation. The best option is to consult a qualified professional to do so.

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