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Luso = Pride of national product
Burn = Method of obtaining energy

LusoQueima Unipessoal Lda. Was founded in 2009 with a very concrete objective, which is to innovate, manufacture and install boilers, burners and heating systems all of these through a Biomass combustion system.

Biomass can be formed from substances of animal or vegetable origin, such as fruit peel, manure, wood, food waste, agricultural and forest residues, among other organic materials. In fact, biomass has been present in society since the beginning of human history, when humans used the heat of burning wood to produce energy. Due to its form of production, biomass is classified as a source of renewable energy, that is, it is never exhausted; inexhaustible.

Our Product;

Boilers of "fire" or Flamotubular or even gas-tubular tubes are those in which the exchange tubes are placed vertically or horizontally in an enclosed body, which utilizes the movement of the exhaust gases to perform an air-water exchange. In order to do this, it uses a flue pipe (automatic combustion zone) (in the case of granulated fuel), which through the combustion process performs the air-water exchange and is assembled in a closed circuit and performs ambient heating and sanitary waters.

Main Advantages of the Biomass system;

It produces less pollutants and is considered a "clean energy";
Fuel easily transported and accommodated;
Applicable in several places with ease;
Unlimited supply of raw materials;
Low cost of operation \ acquisition;
Reuse of organic solid waste dumped in the trash;
It has a high energy efficiency;

Differentiation in the market;

The LusoQueima production boilers have a construction focused on profitability, for this it focuses on the development \ manufacture of a consumer product \ balanced yield. It also allows a modular ideology allowing the adaptation of the product to the client. The modular ideology allows us, for example, to acquire a boiler with only the granulated biomass (pellets \ olive stone \ shell ... .etc ...) and in future to adapt the boiler for firing (chips) without chimney change and without complete removal of the boiler or system already applied. But the fact that we are the manufacturers themselves also allows us to offer completely customized services adapting to the needs of the customer.

Intervention areas;

LusoQueima is a company dedicated to the area of ​​heating, already with evidence given at domestic and industrial level. We work with a few partners that allow us an almost endless design range and ideology, but apart from study and manufacturing we also install, service and maintain. Thus it is possible to see works of LusoQueima in the domestic area as heating environment through radiators or fan convectors with or without sanitary waters but also industrial heating through air heaters, underfloor heating ... etc ...

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